Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vacation Fun

Hi and Merry Meet,
It seems that every two years to the day I get summoned for jury duty. I have never actually been to the court house. I have to call in and my number has not come up yet. This time, I not only got a summons, but it is a three month grand jury summons! Today was my first day to call in. I'm off the hook for a little while. I don't have to do anything until they send me a letter (most likely next week) and then I start calling in.

So, after learning that I don't have to go to court tomorrow, I am going to visit my mom so we can get some skiing in!! It will be my first time out this year! My parents thought it was very important that my brother and I learned to ski at a young age. They had me out there when I was three. I can't tell you how glad I am that they did that, because if I had to learn now... well, most likely, I wouldn't go. My mom and I have some of the oldest equipment known to mankind. However, I think we make some of the hot shot kids with the newest and most expensive stuff look like they are rookies.

One of the other things that I have been up to learning to quilt. My husband bought me a quilting class lesson for my birthday. I had to choose three colors. A light, a dark and a medium color. I went with all blue tones. It made me think of the element of water. I decided that I wanted to make an element quilt. I got reds, green, and yellow tones for the other three squares. Measuring is really hard for me. It ties into my dyslexia with the sequence/ order of things. This quilt is a big challenge for me. So far, everything has come out the same. I worry that if I do something harder that is not measured in even inches, I'll drive myself crazy with it. Oh well, I cross that bridge when I come to it. I asked the Lord and Lady to help me stay claim and relaxed as I work on this project. Fun things should not cause stress. I'm really excited about how it looks so far. I have a bit more to do before the squares are done. Then, I have no idea how to put it together to make a real quilt!! :) I want to do this as I am thinking that if this works for me, I would like to make one for my brother and his fiancee for their wedding gift, however not an elemental one, but one that would represent their union and marriage.

Tomorrow night after skiing I'll start to prep my altar and scared space for my blue moon ritual.
Blessed be,

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