Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh Boy!!!

Hi and Merry Meet,
Tomorrow is my birthday. Tomorrow starts my new job. Tomorrow is also my second job right after school. Tomorrow will be a very busy day!

This weekend has been great. Last night my husband's company had their annual Holiday Ball. I love to go to this! It is a black tie affair, and some people have no idea what that means! One of Husband's coworkers and his wife are good friends of ours. We get together for dinners and poker nights a lot. The boys go off to talk to other coworkers that they know while we girls find prime seats and people watch. This is our favorite thing. We rate the dresses, the dancing, and the food. Since Husband's company is in the food business, it is always prime food. The desserts are by far what everyone comes for.

One thing that I love about this company is that they are very family oriented. They have a lot of picnics in the summer and all kinds of family days thought out the year. The Ball however, is definitely for adults only. There is a lot of alcohol going around. If you were at your company's fancy Holiday event, would you get three sheets to the wind and then dance with anything that went by? Most people seem to have common sense... at this ball, not so much.

Husband's co worker's wife, R is fun to get together with at this ball. We have the same sense of humor. One of these years we are going to bring a video camera and capture all the insanity that happens. The boys claim they have never met us when we get giggling. Last year women seemed to think that wearing a prom dress when they have been out of high school for eons was a good idea. Hummm.... no. This year, we had dresses that were too short and too low. Ah, the year of the slut dress. R and I had on similar dresses. Knee length, not too low, and shawl for me, cardigan for her. Compared to most, we were rather prudish. Fun for all!

If I wasn't a teacher, I'd love to be in the fashion world. You can get away with anything and claim it is art. Amazing!

Today, I am off to my Wicca class. I have to present about my broom today. Should be a fun class!
Blessed be,

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  1. Best of luck on your broom presentation. Also happy birthday for tomorrow!

    Have a great first day at your new job too!

    Busy girl!