Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Moon and The New Year

Hi and Merry Meet,
Today is the end of 2009. It has been a big year for me personally. I started on my pagan path this year. I lost a job and then found two. I saw my little brother get engaged to the most wonderful women. My husband changed jobs and couldn't be happier. All in all, it has been a great year for us.

I've set up my altar for my ritual tonight. My Blue Moon ball is ready to go and all the items that I want to put in it. I will do my ritual before we go to a New Year's party tonight. I'm excited about my ritual and my Blue Moon ball!!

I wish all of you a happy and wonderful New Year and enjoy the Blue Moon!!!
Blessed be,

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  1. Enjoy your ritual and your party! Be safe out there! There's a blizzard here, so I'm just going down the street. No point taking chances!

    A very Blessed New Year to you!