Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lake Effect Snow...

Hi and Merry Meet,

I live on the western side of New York. Anyone who lives out this way knows what lake effect snow is. Last week, we got pounded with snow. Tonight the lake is firing up again!

I love snow. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I would love to go out and sit and meditate in it, however, snow is not warm. It is cold here! I'm planing a nice walk to enjoy the almost silent world this weekend.

I am working like crazy to get all my holiday gifts done! I've been working on making all my gifts this year. I love handmade gifts. I know how much time and effort goes into making things. I'm knitting slippers and then felting them so that they are warm and solid. I made a pair for myself when we were camping and I have to say I love them! :)

I don't know that I can get all my holiday gifts done. Someone might get the gift bag full of yarn this year! I've threaten in the past, but this year looks like it might really happen!

Blessed be,


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