Sunday, December 13, 2009

Past Week!

Hi and Merry Meet,
This past week was a little crazy. I am adjusting to my new job and balancing my home life with work life. Husband has been great! He's helped me with dinner and laundry. It's been amazing!

My last two Wicca classes have been canceled for now. We'll have the last two in January. I'm kind of glad that we are able to postpone them for a little. I have to study for the quiz that we are having the last class. One of the things that I have to do is fill out a blank altar set up. My altar here at home is so simple. The one that I have to fill out for class has a lot more stuff on it than I do. I have my stones for the Lord and Lady, incense, illumination candles, a chalice, and a bowl of salt. The one that is on the quiz has a few more things than that. I'm worried that I won't be able to remember all the things that are on the paper altar that I have to set up. I love my personal altar. Even though it is simple, it feels so right to me. I love simple.

One thing that we learned about last class was the Blue Moon balls. Our instructor gave us a blue ball that we can fill with a big wish to be completed by the next blue moon. We are supposed to fill it with things that we think will show us what our goal is. I've been thinking about it a lot. One thing that we have talked about is finish our bathroom renovations... we started it four years ago! Or the other thing is that we finish it and find our forever house. This house was supposed to be our starter house. Our plan was to be here for 5-7 years and then move out... next September is 7 years. On the next blue moon we smash the ball to look back on our goal and see if it was accomplished. I love this idea! I'm excited to think about what I can fill my ball with to meet my goal. Of course, I have to pick a goal yet!

Anyway, I hope that everyone has had a great weekend!
Blessed be,


  1. I love the blue moon ball idea!

    It will be good to have some time between your classes - with the holidays and things happening, a little break is sometimes good!

  2. Hi,

    Found your blog through PBN & glad I did, the blue moon ball is such a great idea! I do hope you finish the renovation, 4 years is a long time :)