Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rough Patches

Hi and merry meet,
I haven't written in way too long. I've been going through some rough stuff and needed some time.

At my job, I was venting to a coworker about a case that has been very fustrating for me. I haven't been supported and was telling her this. She ran to the bosses twisting my words saying I was suicidal. I was asked to stay home for six days, had to have a mental health exam and endless meetings about it. Since I wasn't suicidal I went to my dr to get a clearance. That one wasn't good enough so I had to go to a dr that they choose. I passed that exam too. Now the bosses liked like asses and had to change their tune. I was allowed back to work and told I was unprofessional. My awesome coworker has had nothing happen to her. Mind you, she blew me in five days after we had this chat. If I was truely suicidal you wouldn't wait. The bosses told me over and over that she did this because she cared and it was not retaliation. Yeah, right. I don't know what I did to her but I can tell you she is my least favorite person right now. If the opportunity presented itself for her to feel the hurt and pain I felt....well, someday karma will pay her back.

We've also had to deaths recently. One was my husband's aunt and one was my friend. Our aunt was a very special lady. She had been sick for a while but in the end she left on her terms. I know she is whole and happy again. My friend lost her battle with cancer. She was the most amazing person and I was lucky enough to be her friend. Both ladies will be missed.

I will try to be better about my updates from now on.
Blessed be,

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