Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hi and Merry Meet,
The other day I was at my coven sister's house. One of the things she is amazing at is growing herbs. She has a massive collection of mint. I think I counted five different kinds in one bed alone. She also has an amazing veggie garden and starting this year she has started a small poison garden.

While I would love to say I also have a huge garden, it would be a major lie. I've tried to grow herbs.... it never ends well. I hear that mint is the easiest thing to grow. I can't understand this because every time I try to grow mint it dies. One time I managed to get it to mold. Another it got bugs. Those are the more memorable ones. Most times it just shrivels up and dies. I can get rosemary and lavender to go. Mint is my downfall.  So needless to say, I was envious of my coven sister's garden.

After telling my group about my problem with mint they took it upon themselves to try to help me. We gathered a few different kinds and we wrapped them to dry. Everyone got a few bundles of herbs. I'm excited since she also was going to cut some peppermint sprigs to start rooting them in water once they are rooted, I can move them here to my attempt at a garden. Maybe this time I can grow it!

Blessed be,

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  1. Most often the problem is with too much or not enough water. Mint does well on our balcony most of the time, but I tend to kill parsley. And basil. And several other herbs just look plain sad.