Friday, June 15, 2012

Moving Forward

Hi and Merry Meet,
After having my life turned upside down I have been talking with some of the union people here at work. They have been involved in my case since the beginning, but now they are helping me to move forward.

One thing that I asked for was for them to talk to the girl who set this all in motion. Not gonna lie, I might have done a spell to stop her from talking crap about me. She shouldn't have said anything in the first place, so I don't feel bad about asking the universe to make her stop. Since, in my current position, I can't talk to her and I don't want to, I asked that the union talk to her. I want her to know what she did and for her to stop trying to destroy my career. My union rep agrees that she should have a talking to however they want me to wait until next year. I will have a little more protection job wise at that point and then it would be good for it to happen. My friends also think that what happened to me will change a lot of the policies here at work. Someday karma will catch up to her. Maybe not at work, but somehow it will find her. I don't envy her when it does.

Even though what happened never should have, if it means that I can change the way my work deals with suicide and training for the people then it would be all worth it. I never want anyone to go though what I was put through and if I can use this experience to make a good change then I will. I was called a catalyst for change yesterday by a friend who thinks that the only people who can change the system are the ones who have been beat down by it. After this experience, I kind of agree with that. Before all this, I would have said, no anyone can change it if they want to. Yes, I still think that, but now I know that having the first hand experience really helps fuel the fire of change.

Today, I'm just happy it's Friday. I plan to go out to dinner with my husband and have a relaxing weekend with no stress from work. It should be a lot of fun!

Blessed be,

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