Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lazy Day

Hi and Merry Meet,
Today Husband and I are just being a bit lazy. I've been doing my weekly cleaning this morning while he is taking a nap.

My plan had been to get our chores done and then get our house ready for Halloween! I haven't decorated yet and I thought we'd get things done today. Husband doesn't care as much as I do but I do need his help to get the ladder out of the basement. Our living room has a lofted celling and it is hard for me to carry the ladder up from the basement. Plus his napping in my decorating space is not helping. Oh well, he has had a rough week and if that's what he needs then I'm going to let him sleep. Besides, I have all day tomorrow yet!

So instead of decorating I have been knitting a lace shawl that I started over the summer. I just have the border left and it is done! I guess I'm not as lazy today as I thought I was.

In other news my sacred space is coming along. Over the summer I pulled out all the wallpaper in ny witchy room so I could paint the walls. I did the fist coat of spackle to fix the uneven spots. After I sand it down I'll do another coat and then we should be ready for painting! I really miss my witchy room but I've enjoyed doing spell work and rituals in different rooms of the house.
Blessed be,

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