Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wicca Class

Hi and Merry Meet,
I've had a great weekend so far! Our jewelry show was the best we've had so far. It was huge and there were so many vendors. I was happy with how we did. Most of the booths were selling Christmas stuff. It was so mammoth that if people told you that they would come back later they wouldn't be able to find that vendor again!

We were able to come back early so I could attend the Wicca 1 class. I was so excited to go and meet other people who are learning about this path!! There are three of us learning. I'm excited to get to know my classmates over the next seven weeks. Today was just a get to know you and see what you know about Wicca, Witchcraft, Pagans, and Witches. It was cool to go over our definitions with the instructor. I think that helped her see what our ideas where and what ideas we already have about these words. I was even given homework!

One of my classmates did not know what a tradition is yet. So, since we both wanted Celtic tradition, I was asked to be flexible and learn about something new. I'm happy with that. My instructor asked me to find out about Reclaiming Tradition. Before today, I had never heard of this. See, I'm already learning new things!!

I have to do a short presentation about it next week. My plan is to look it up tonight and then over the week craft my answer to one question each day. I need to find out where it start? Who started it? When it started? Why and how? I also have to find out if they have a pantheon associated with them. I think this is cool because then I can learn about Reclaiming, but I can also learn about two more. One is doing Norse and the other is doing the Celts.

Each week I will have to give a presentation. I'm ok with public speaking, so it should be alright. Besides, it's only three other people listening! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Blessed be,

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  1. Sounds really awesome! I'm really excited to hear more about your class.