Monday, November 30, 2009

Home Again!

Hi and Merry Meet,
I'm back home! We had a great time with family for Thanksgiving. My uncle and I ran in this year's Turkey Trot. That meant that I didn't have to help prep the turkey. I did help with everything else once I got home and had a shower.

I love being able to spend some time at home and relax with my family. For Thanksgiving, my mom hosts both my family and my in-laws. My husband and I are from the same hometown (we were high school sweeties). For Christmas, my in-laws host their family and my family. It makes it easy on us so that we don't have to eat two dinners! My mom and I spend some time just hanging out and it was great!

I drove home yesterday so that I could go to my Wicca 1 class. We are half way though now and I love my class! I have learned a lot and I feel like I have sooooooooo much more to learn! I don't think I'll ever know everything!

I hope that everyone had a good weekend!
Blessed be,

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