Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Sleepy Card- 4 of Swords

Hi and Merry Meet,
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Samhain!! Mine was amazing! I had such a great day and a very special evening. I just did a very small ritual but it seemed like that was all I needed for that night. I love when you are doing something and you just know that it is the right thing. That's how I felt.

Yesterday was a bit rough, so before bed I pulled the 4 of swords card. I like to think of it as my sleepy card. I find that nights were I feel like I will toss and turn to review the whole days events are the nights that I use this card the most. I just place it under my pillow, ask the Lord and Lady to bless my sleep/dreams, and I find that I can drift off no matter what is gnawing at my conscience. I learned this trick from a women in one of my tarot classes. She said that she didn't want to become dependent on sleeping aids, so she was looking for alternative ways to fall asleep. She came to this conclusion to use the 4 of swords after a meditation on her cards. She asked that all of us in the class try and sleep with this card under our pillows to see what we found. We all had a similar reaction... full night of peaceful sleep. It's kind of funny since before that class I never felt a strong connection to this card. Now, I see it in a new way. I'm glad that she shared this with us as I found it opened my eyes to how I can look at the cards in different ways. I only use it however, when I'm really fretting about something big and yesterday I felt I bombed an interview... so, needless to say I didn't want to toss and turn and think about what I should have said!
My 4 of swords card from my "Divine Tarot" deck.
Do you use your tarot decks in other ways besides just reading the cards?
Blessed be,


  1. I love this idea - and will definitely try it! I've slept with my entire deck before - for several days when I first bought it (after cleasing it,) but never with only one card.

  2. Wow Autumn, this is one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time. I've never really used my deck for anything other than reading. Like Rue, I did sleep with the entire thing under my pillow when I first bought it so I would give it my energy. But I have really bad insomnia and I think spending some time meditating with this card right before bed and sleeping with it under my pillow would be a great thing to try--I'm also worried about using sleeping aids.