Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spells, Rituals and My Class

Hi and Merry Meet,
I hope everyone had a wonderful Imbolic! Friday night my coven celebrated and one of the girls brought dried broom from her garden. I wrapped some ribbons around mine and hung it over my door. See the pict.

Yesterday was my Wicca 2 class. My group was scheduled to do our Ostara ritual but when we got there we only had two of us. Our third was missing. The other group was down two members but they are scheduled for next week so not a big deal. Our instructor decided to have those of us ready for spell presentation to go instead of the ritual.

Only two of us had ours done. I presented my love your self smoothie and my classmate did a banish negativity. The other two girls liked them and added their own flavor to the spells to fit them. I enjoyed this presentation a lot. It was fun to see everyone excited about our spell work and how we can make them fit us.

After that we were surprised by our other group mate showing up! She and the other girl thought class started an hour later due to that was what happened last week. So after a few rushed minutes my group did get to do our Ostara ritual!

It went so well and we got lots of positive feedback from both the class and the instructor. I'm glad that we had to do this as I learned what it takes to make a group of very diverse people work collaboratly together. I think it was a great success and I now have two good  friends in my community! Next week the other group gets to do theirs. I think they are doing Lammas. I'm happy because for the remainder of the classes I get to just sit back and enjoy the others presnetations.
Blessed be,

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