Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

Hi and Merry Meet,
Welcome 2012! I had a great new years celebrating with some of our good friends. It has become a tradition to go to their house for dinner and then have poker night almost until midnight. It is always fun. Lucky thing we don't play for money because I'm always the first one out. This year they gave me a prize for that. I won a puzzle so I would have something to do while everyone else kept playing. That only lasted a minute as it was a kids puzzle with 48 large pieces. I brought my knitting along for such an emergency.

Yesterday Husband and I spent the day doing projects around the house. My witchy room is put back together and functional again! Just in time as a Wicca 2 class starts this coming Saturday. That is something I'd like to take and now my space is ready for me to do the homework and such.

Last night we did lose power for a while. The wind was really blowing and the howling it was making was unbelievable. Husband and I ate our dinner by candlelight. Dinner was a little cool (temp showed it was safe to eat) since it was in the oven when we lost power. Those winds were blowing all the negative energy of the last year away, that's what I said to Husband anyway!

I hope everyone had a nice transition to 2012!
Blessed be,


  1. Excellent thought, I think it's easy for us to forget that we can use the elements to help clear away the negative, wind to blow away, rain to wash away sun to burn. It's all about intention right?

    Happy New Year to you as well

  2. I envy you a room for your witchy stuff, I don't have one yet but I will!!

    Off topic, you have been tagged. Head to to see what this is about.

  3. You got tagged!