Monday, January 30, 2012

Spell For Class

Hi and Merry Meet,
As was suggested, I should do a spell with food for my class. Seriously brilliant!

I did just that! Here is my Love Yourself Smoothie, this spell is to boost your self esteem and love for your self. Here is what you need:
-frozen/fresh raspberries
-frozen/fresh strawberries
-frozen/fresh peaches
-one small container of vanilla yogurt
-a splash of orange juice

Blend all the ingredients and drink. As you drink say "as I drink this down, my self love abounds. Blessings of love surrounds, so love of my self I carry around."

Best day to do this would be a Friday and for extra light a pink candle while your making and drinking your smoothie.

All the fruits I chose have a correspondence  of love. Raspberry are love and protection. Strawberry is love and luck. Peaches are for love. Orange is for love too. Vanilla is also love, while yogurt is for feminine energy.

I'll be presenting this spell next week in class. I'm happy with it and excited to see what my classmates came up with!
Blessed be,

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