Friday, January 13, 2012


Hi and Merry Meet,
Last week I started to attend a Wicca 2 workshop. I like that it is more hands on that some of the other classes I've taken.

It is a 7 week course and we are going to be working in small groups/pairs. Since there are eight of us in the class the group work is two groups of four. The women in my class seem interesting. Most of them have just finished the Wicca 1 class about a week ago. I think there is only one other girl who is like me on that after Wicca 1 I didn't jump into Wicca 2 right away. I took a few years off and have grown in my craft by trying, meditating, and seeing what works for me. I've still read books and I love to read

Our homework for this week was to start a Book of Shadows. The rest of the class was crazy excited about what book or format they would use. Well that was an easy task as I started my BOS before I ever got near the Wicca 1 class. This week we are learning ritual construction. I am excited to create one special for this group with a few other people. It should be fun to try and blend our different styles. Just sitting at the table you can see we each have a unique view of self and the world.

My worry for this class is the spell partner work. Since many of my classmates are new they kind of want to show off. The sheer amount of pentacles at that table was unbelievable. I own a pentacle, however I choose only to wear it for really special times and I never let people see me wearing it outside of my home. I am still in the closet and a lot of these women are flaunting that they are witches. My worry is are they seriously in this for the long run or are they just looking to rebel and shock people. I'm not. I've something that truly works for me and brings me peace. Maybe when I start getting to know them better I will understand them better.

Tonight I am going to a voodoo workshop with my circle. That should be fun! I'm curious since I don't know that much about it and I want to educate myself so I can disspell any stereotypes I have.
Have a happy Friday the 13th!
Blessed be,

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  1. I hope things went well with the partner work. Group work is never an easy thing, and when one wants to show off during magical work things can be quite unnerving.