Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vacation and Updates

Hi and Merry Meet,
I've been really bad about updating here!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Yule.

This week I have been in vacation so I have made an effort to get a few things done around here. In August I pulled the wallpaper out if my witchy room and I have been trying to decide what color to paint it. My good friend came over and helped me primed it a few weeks ago. Today, I finally picked and painted it!!! Yay! I went with a beige so it is relaxing and neutral. My witchy room is also our guest room so I thought this color would work for that purpose too!

Tomorrow my plan is to move my altar back into my room. I want to get new curtains and get my pictures back on the wall. It will be so nice to have my space back! I have some workings I want to do and not having my space is making it hard. My husband will be happy also so he can stop finding workings in our main bathroom. I leave ny candles in the tub to finish burning. Once I have ny space back I can leave all workings in my room unless it is candles and they can stay in the bathroom upstairs. Yay!!!

At Mabon I went to an open circle and met an awesome coven. I have been invited to their moon rituals and now their Sabbats as well. It has been really nice to meet people who are like minded in my community. I've enjoyed hanging out with them and learning from them. They asked if I would be intrested in being part of their general circle. In the future I might petition for my first degree with them. For now, I am happily in the general circle. Guess I'm not really a circle of one anymore!

I hope you have a very Happy New Years! May 2012 bring you joy and blessings!
Blessed be,

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