Sunday, January 31, 2010

Life Is Busy!

Hi and Merry Meet,
I have been so bad about updating everyone! A lot has happened since my last post!

Last weekend Husband and I took a road trip to PA to look at cars and relax in a B & B. It was such a nice weekend, just the two of us! We did find a car and they traded my old one that day! We have never bought a car where you get it the same day!! This was a big surprise to us. We weren't ready to actually trade in my car, so we hadn't really cleaned it out... (or brought the title with us!) since I travel to so many building in my teaching my car is like a mobile office. There was so much teaching stuff to take out! I did sort it as we pulled it out so that I recycled the papers I didn't need and filed the ones that I did. It worked out pretty well. So far, I've been really good about keeping the car cleaned up!

The B & B was amazing! Husband book a room next to a stream that had an amazing waterfall. We were so far out in the middle of nowhere and it was so peaceful! It was nice to have some us time to reconnect and just catch up with each other. Husband had been working odd hours due to managing a new project at his work, and I've been insanely busy with the new job and the night job that we have become like ships passing the night. We needed that time together! We did fight about who would get to drive the car though... as it's my new car I thought I should, but he wanted to "test" it out. We compromised so that we both got a turn. It was a great weekend!

Yesterday was my first anniversary of reading tarot cards! Husband has been taking a interest in my cards. I was pulling cards at the dealership to see if we were making the right choice... he started asking me a slue of questions to pull cards for. It was the first time he has show any interest in tarot. So, last night he surprised me my getting me the Deviant Moon deck. It was so sweet of him! I'm so excited about and I let it sit in the moonlight all night to clean it. I did a reading this morning and I am very impressed with this deck. I have admired the artwork for a while and now to actually work with it was really amazing!

Today is Husband's birthday. I'm off to the store to get a cake mix so I can make him a cake! I'm also going to make him some breakfast in bed in a little while. Today is his day, so whatever he wants to do we will do. I know he wants to go out for dinner tonight, so right now that is our big plan for the day! :)
Blessed be,

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