Monday, January 18, 2010

Titanic Adventure

Hi and Merry Meet,
Yesterday, Husband and I went to the museum. Good thing we were told to buy tickets on-line! Just to buy tickets to get into the museum was a good fifteen minute wait. We skipped that due to the on-line buying!

The exhibit was on the third floor and there again, was a line. Normally, I'm ok with masses of people. Running races, teaching, and such has given me a fair tolerance of the general population. However, I hate the masses at things such as long lines, concerts, any theme park and of course my favorite- airports. When people get to these venues they turn into crazy, rude, pushy, loud people. This was my expectation for this line to see the Titanic exhibit.

I was pleasantly surprised! Everyone listened the the directions, they even followed them in a nice polite way! The line manager (I don't know what you call the people who direct lines and give the directions!) even asked if people had tickets time stamped for later in the day to please exit the line and come back. I was shocked that people actually did this!!! They also checked our time stamp again at the door to get in. Once inside, again everyone was very orderly and nice. It was amazing! My faith in people waiting in line was restored!

The exhibit was amazing. We were given cards of a real life passenger to follow. Husband and I shared one. Here is ours:
She was a first class passenger named Miss Edith Corse Evans. Husband laughed when he saw the note at the bottom that said "A few days before boarding Titanic, a fortune teller had warned Edith to beware of water." He said that of all the people we could get, we get the one that has seen a fortune teller. He thought that was mighty ironic. I thought it was fitting that we would get her. However, she did not survive the tragedy.

The display had parts of the ship that had been recovered. The gears that they had there had a very sad energy around them. The perfume bottoms had one of hope. The postcards felt exciting and wondrous. I loved how they made it a story about people. It wasn't all about this big ship, it was about the people who were on it. They had stories about the people posted thought the exhibit. I loved seeing the human touch on it. It was really amazing.

The rest of the museum was not as exciting, but we enjoyed spending a whole day together. It's kind of rare that we get a chance like that, so we took advantage of it! Husband even took me out to dinner! It was a very awesome day!
Blessed be,

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