Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome October and Dreams!!!

Hi and Merry Meet,
It is official October now! I can start to get my house decorated for Halloween! Yeah!!! I love to decorate, but I'm a bit lazy when it comes to taking it down... my nutcrackers from last winter were up until July. I'm just not that concerned with taking stuff down. Well, then again, I do have to get a ladder out to get the stuff put up and down. I'm lazy about hauling that ladder in here from the garage.

The month has started off a bit chilly! I love chilly days! It was also a bit rainy this a.m. but that's ok by me. My favorite weather is the chilly weather because it's perfect for running!!! After a month off, I am back to it. I was very disappointed to not run the half, but shin splints forced me to stop. I'm not about to hurt myself for a run healthy hobby.

Yesterday I started a dream journal. I've always had very vivid dreams. When I was a kid I just to have dreams that where so vivid I thought they were real. Turns out they were. I was dreaming about world events that hadn't happened yet. I dreamed about earthquakes in India, a tsunami in Asia, and hurricanes in the States. I never shared them because I thought that they were just dreams. The events from the dreams came to pass years later. I don't have those dreams anymore. I do still have very intense colors, sounds, and feels in my dreams. I've also always remembered my dreams for days, weeks, months after dreaming them. I think that my dreams are what pulled me to the goddess Epona. Yes, nightmares are associated with her, but I feel that dreams are the other side of them. I feel very strongly about her energy and that is part of why I chose her as my patron goddess.

So my journal is a place that I wanted to start recording all my dreams. I've gone back a few weeks and wrote down the dreams that I had and drew pictures to help bring them into focus better. I'm not a great artist, but just the act of sketching them out is very relaxing to me. Though this process I'm starting to look closer at the things that I'm seeing and the messages that are being sent in them. Looking back on the dreams has also helped me to see patterns in them. I'm very excited about the start of this new journal. I think it is good for me to keep track of all the dreaming and the images that I'm seeing while I'm a sleep.

Do you keep dream journals or just journals of any kind?
Blessed be,

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