Monday, October 12, 2009

Happiness Is....

Hi and Merry Meet,
Well, after having some nice weather, I woke up to frost and a very cold day. We've had frost a few times, but now it looks like it could snow! My friends in Japan had snow already, and I think we are not too far behind. That's ok... snow = skiing!!! I love winter, but this time of year is my favorite. Cool/cold days and beautiful leaves. There is something very special about this time of year.

Yesterday my family came to visit us. That meant before they came putting away anything that would tip them off to my religion. I feel sad that I'm hiding it from them, however, I'm not too sure that they would understand. I've post about what I think their reactions would be. I'm not ready for a blow out with my dad. Or my mom crying and sicing all the church ladies on me. Not so much.
However, they did like the shirt I got... they think it is only for Halloween!! Here it is:I thought it was so funny and cute. My husband just laughed. I didn't wear it yesterday, but I did show them. My dad thought it was silly, mom just laughed and asked if I would wear it to work. The answer to that is no. I will however, wear it any place else! :)

Today there is no work, so I can use the day to catch up on things that I let go this past week in my madness with interviewing! I found out that I was the first one to go and that they have two more people to do. I hope that we all have the same observation group! It was a big challenge, but I have a feeling they did that to see how we would react and how we would handle it if it was our job. I'm happy that I don't have to stress over the weekend about it! :)

After I catch up, I want to sit outside for today's meditation. I think it might be one of the last days that I can do it outside with out freezing too badly!

Enjoy the extra day if you have off!
Blessed be,

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  1. Brilliant shirt - LOL!

    Enjoy your outdoor meditation. It's getting pretty cold here now too. I hope it doesn't snow - what will the poor trick-or-treaters do?