Thursday, March 8, 2012

Running Shrine

Hi and Merry Meet,
In December my friend tried to talk me into running a half marathon with her. I told her I would start to train for it but we'll see about it.

The half is April 29th. I started training lightly back in December. A week before my trip to Colorado the training schedule my friend sent me started. I started training for real.

I have realized that I really want to do this. Copies of my running schedule are posted around the house and at work. I can't miss it. I talked a good friend into running the shorter stuff with me. She even did my first longer run with me last Sunday.

When we were in Colorado, we found lots of shops with hindu gods and goddess in them. I have never really been drawn to that but one of the shops had each god or goddess with their own shrines. They were not all mashed together and they had signs telling you their name and what each one's specialty is. I found a small elephant for the god Ganesh. It said he was the remover of obstacles. My husband wanted to know why I wanted him when normally I follow the Celtic gods. I told him I was called to him and I think he will support my training for the half.

Now in my witchy room I have a small shrine to Ganesh to help me overcome the mental obstacles I have while running. He sits on top if my training schedule and has rice and some jasmine incense near him too. Behind him I place zebra stones which are good for physical strength and body. I placed my shoes that I was going to swap for the ones I have been using at the base of it.

April 29th, here I come!
Blessed be,

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