Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fairy Guides

Hi and Merry Meet,
Sorry about the lull in posting. My summer vacation has come to an end and I'm back to work!

Yesterday I went to a pagan pride festival. It was so nice to surrounded by like minded people. They even had live music. I guess there was going to belly dancing later in the day, but I missed that part.

I got to chat with some wonderful vendors and I learned a lot about their different areas of expertise. One lady does a lot with fairy magick. She had kits for sale about connecting with fairy guides. I have never worked with fairies or fairy magick. Normally I don't buy spells or spell kits,  but this seemed different to me. Since the shop owner had spent so much time with me, I did buy a fairy kit. I am happy to say it was a good choice.

I've set up the supplies to start my meditation after I post this. The smells of lavender and rose are so present to blog to!

Now that I'm back to work my posting might be a little more sporadic. Stay tunned!
Blessed be,

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