Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thoughts on Stones and Quarters

Hi and Merry Meet,
I guess I will be going to only once a week updates as that seems to be all that I can do right now. I'm sorry I've been so sporadic about my posting. This week I have had vacation from both jobs and it felt so good to take some time for me and relax. I've been able to meditate and just spend more time with my practices.

One thing I was able to do this week was get to one of the local thrift stores. I love going to them because you never know what you will find! I found this great crystal bowl to put my stones in. I loved the shape of it and how well they all fit. Now I have an easy way to take them all outside to sit in the light of the moon. Before, I was lining the stones up on my window sills. I also found this cool little tea cup in the same trip. Here's my new dish for my stones:
I loved that this dish is crystal. I liked the energy around it felt that it would be a good match for my stones. I'm slowly adding to my stone collection as the need arises. I found four beautiful fluorite stones this week that I felt would be perfect for my quarters for my Ostara ritual.

Since I haven't done a lot of changing my altar around I thought that maybe I could start with small steps like changing what I use at the quarters. I love crystals and stones. Fluorite is my favorite and I felt like it would go well with my spring ritual. I saw some pretty smoky quartz that would be great for my Samhain ritual. I've used tarot cards, candles, and stones before for my quarters. I liked the idea of the four stones being all the same for the quarters. My classmate in my Wicca class used four clear quartz for her quarters and I really liked that idea. Since I'm drawn to fluorite I found that after mediation on stones that is what I should start with. I admit, I wanted clear quartz, however, all the shops in town were out and the ones that they did have didn't feel right to me. I guess I was being guided to the right stones anyway!

I hope that everyone has been well!
Blessed be,

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